Barcelona 5-6 October 2016

Barcelona 2.0

I scheduled my trip to Barcelona in the end of August. That’s when  pre-season started for my favorite NBA basketball team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were scheduled to make two stops in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona. I chose Barcelona because I was searching for sunshine and the sea.

It was a nice sunny day when we left London that made it feel perfect…

Once we landed, we headed directly downtown and checked in our hostel, located in  old town, near Las Ramblas and not far from the Barceloneta area .The place was nothing special, but one of the few that offered the possibility of a bedroom with two single beds and a private bathroom at a reasonable price…

While waiting for our room, we went out to eat. We ended up enjoying tapas and sangria for lunch in a really nice place…

After lunch we returned to our room to freshen up , and to put on shorts and a jersey with short sleeves. It was a big change for cool morning in London to the warth temperature in Spain. Then, we headed to Barceloneta beach…

Once there, we were missing only one thing for the successful development of this day … a mojito! And so we settled down in one of the many clubs on the waterfront…

After two drinks it was time to go to the Palau Sant Jordi to attend the basketball game between Oklahoma City Thunder and Barcelona.

There was already a festive atmosphere outside and the whole day was made even better by the sunset…

 The match was entretaining. It was worth the price of admission just to be able to watch  Russell Westbrook alone.

After the game, we met a friend who has lived in Barcelona for a month and a half and we spent the evening hanging out with him and his friends, between the Rambla and Barceloneta.

The next morning, not very happy with the breakfast offered by our hostel, we decided to go out and eat a better meal to a place near by, but we were slightly disappointed.

A different history was lunch; based on a suggestion of a friend, we went to a local restaurant and we left satisfied and happy, with lots of Pacharan (liqueur of the house).

Unaware of the many harships that were coming, we went to the airport to catch our return flight; our arrivel at the airport was calm, with the usual two hours in advance to have time to eat something before leaving. Only to realized that our flight scheduled for 6:25 pm, had been postponed until 12:30 am! From there began a nightmare that lasted for eight and a half hours in the airport of Barcelona and in some of the restaurants and the bars inside of it. It only finished at 4:30 am when we managed to return home!

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