Amsterdam in a sunny day, what a delight!

Amsterdam 8-9 May 2018


The opportunity of traveling to Amsterdam open up very quickly and it was very difficult for me to say no to that.
Europe and it’s deep history had been appealing to me and makes me desire to visit it. However, even this is not my first time, I just have a great desire to come back.
It has been long time since I went to “the lower countries” and so the distance memory of the capital of Netherlands was in my mind…

And soon came the day to find myself ready to arrive. The views from the window of the airplane were so captivating: green lands divided with canals of water, and even a distant cultive of tulips! That really made smile.
The day was perfect when we landed. Even the temperature gave me a warm day to enjoy exploring the city. The sensation of even the sun being hotter as the day move on, maybe because of being so north, was a different experience.
After opening the window of my room and getting a hold of the view made me go outside to explore the city as soon as possible despite the tiredness of my flight.

The city at 9:00 am was alive. The traffic of the cars and of course the many bicycles which move very fast and stop for nothing. They are actually the owners of the road and too many on quantity to find a quiet street without them. You better watch out for them because they won’t give you the ride of way. Actually they expect you to move out of their way.But to understand Amsterdam you have to realize, bicycles are the main way of transportation in the city and are part of the culture.
This is the city with more bicycles in Europe giving the character with a fast passed in comparison to last say, Manhattan that you might find more people walking in the streets.
And so I went to find my way following directions of my map, and find it quiet easy to get to the ferry. What exciting experience just to have to cross the canal for few minutes on it…

I found myself in Ceentral Station, is the largest railway station of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and a major railway hub. This great building has many places even to eat and enjoy yourself. From there I walked follow the crowd to the town, finding myself on a street full of restaurants which were busy even at this time of the day. The small streets with its characteristic houses made me feel this magical awareness of being in a country so different from mine and I just love every second of it…

The locals speak English, which makes such a difference to enjoy the experience better and they are all mixed with the tourist, many of us taking tours in the canals or even visiting famous places like the Van Gogh or the Rembrant museum that I left for the next visit, but just to find people seating around by the canals enjoying the sunshine makes it such an enjoyable experience. The canals, the bicycles, the houses and of course the tulips that were in full bloom made it feel magical…

I walked for several hours until I felt the tiredness of the trip and even the hot part of the day made me come back to the hotel to rest for a bit before going out again.
In the afternoon, found myself in a quiet part of the town on the Noord which was different from all the activity that I found myself involved earlier on, and went back towards central station to find some delicious dinner.

I discover everyone was eating out, at least it seems like it, by the great amount of bicycles parked in each establishment on my way. I finally found a table in a restaurant called De Pont, which was running out of some choices in its menu because of the late hour but still offered some great food.

In here I enjoyed the sunset and even to see some people swinging on the edge of top of a building that was interesting to watch.


Many things to do in this city, just to enjoy the great architecture and even the parks.
Talking with some colleagues, I find out this city has changed over the last four years quiet a bit. Even the airport has grown and change so much which for my experience felt really busy. Amsterdam is a hub for many travellers and for sure a place to come back. And I will!

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