Barcelona 18-19-20 September 2015


To think of coming to Spain without passing through Barcelona was a crazy idea, so this was a fundamental stop of my vacation. It was really difficult to find a hotel in the center of the city at an affordable price, there were only hostels with shared rooms and shared bathrooms, so we stayed in the Sant Joan Despi area. It is about a half hour from the center of Barcelona so, the first stop going towards the center could only be at the Camp Nou!

There are really many things to visit, both during the day and at night; from monuments, various restaurants and bars where you can spend your evenings.

We traveled a lot on foot, when we were in smaller areas, and decided to take the metro, for longer trips. My advice is to get an itinerary of the things you want to visit and split them by zones, because there are plenty of things to see

But do not forget to make a trip to the beach, where you can sip a mojito in full relaxation.

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