Bogotà 17-18-19 June 2016

Finally South America!

This trip was planned well in advance and in great secrecy because it had to be something unforgettable. In fact, the long wait and privacy have made it all the more perfect.
I still remember the excitement I felt in the evening at the airport after a long day at work, in front of the panel, which reminded me that the next morning I would wake up in another continent, South America. The choice of Colombia had been made because one of my best friends is from Bogotá. After ten years living in Italy, he decided to return home. I had promised him that I would go and visit him, and normally I keep my word!
I always felt a strange attraction to the South American people, especially Colombian, perhaps because of their brightness, their values, or the love that they convey to their land. I left London already in love with Colombia and this is the proof…

Moreover, the evening of the day I arrived in Colombia, the national soccer team played the quarterfinals of the Copa America. I landed earlier that morning at the El Dorado’s airport at 4:00 am local time and once I arrived at my friend’s house, this was the first view I had of the city.


How could you not fall in love? I spent the first day in Bogotá discovering the city, the local traditions, its history and of course the food.

One of the main attractions in Bogotá is definitely the Mount Monserrate; The shrine seen from the outside is not that bad, but if you enter you will notice the difference with our churches. The walls are completely white, which could be quite anonymous to us Europeans accustomed to the great frescoes with many colors that fill our churches. But one of the best reasons to go up to 10.341 feet above sea level is the overview that you can enjoy of the city.


Another area I advise you not to missed is a visit to the northern part of the city; there, for a moment, you feel like you have stepped into a European city. Full of restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, shops, full of life at all times, but for sure, it seems that you are in another city which is so different from the southern part, much poorer and more South America like. Here, I am attaching few more photos.

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