Cagliari (Italy) 10 March 2015

Endless love!

I wouldn’t hide that when I came to Cagliari and I looked through the window when landing at the airport of Helmas, I was moved. When I saw the Basilica of Bonaria, the Via Roma, the harbor, and the Town Council, I was further touch. The first time I came to this city back in September of 2006, I felt in love with it and decided to moved here. I ended up living in Cagliari for three years. It was October 1st of 2010, the day when I left, not to return, and the emotion that I felt was overwhelming. I lived in Piazza Costituzione during that time. This is the scene that I had each morning when I left the house to go to work in Via Roma…

I have countless memories in this city, both good and bad, but all of them full of meaning. Here is a shot of the Town Square on Via Roma…

It was very nice to reconnect with old friends and recount the good times we had. We revisited all the old places that are still in the heart.

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