Discovering Castle in Kent, Dover Castle!

Dover Castle is one of the firsts castles that I visit when I came here to UK. Having a passion for Medieval age, come to live in the UK was really a great choice. United Kingdom is plenty of places to discover, especially for Castle Lover like… me! And probably even like you… if you are reading this posts!

How to get to Dover Castle

Dover Castle is situated in a strategic position on top of Castle Hill, over viewing all the city.

 The best way to go to Dover, from my point of view, is by car or by bus, because you will have the opportunity to admire the breath taken view coming from Jubilee Way, with Castle Hill on your right-hand side and the sea just in front of you.

If you go by car, you can leave your car right in the car parking of the Castle, easily reaching following the road signs from Jubilee Way toward Dover Castle / Castle Hill, and with around 200 slots available.

If you come by bus to the Stagecoach Dover, you will be willing for a 20 minutes walk climbing Castle Hill. It will be even a good opportunity to take nice pictures of the Castle from different point of view. To see your path you can ==> Click here! And to purchase the bus ticket you can click here!

If you come by train to Dover Priory station, instead, you better be ready for a nice walk; it will take you around 30 minutes to get to the Castle and you can see your path if you click here!

How to purchase Dover Castle ticket

To purchase the ticket to visit Dover Castle, you can easily buy your ticket when you get to the Castle, at the price of £20 for adult and £12 for children between 5 and 17 years old.

Another way to purchase your ticket to visit Dover Castle is to get the ticket online ==> Get your ticket online now!

History of Dover Castle

Commanding the shortest sea crossing between England and the continent, Dover Castle has a long and immensely eventful history. Known as the ‘key to England’, this great fortress has played a crucial role in the defense of the realm for over nine centuries.

King Henry II began the building of the present castle in the 1180s, but its spectacular location above the famous white cliffs may well have been the site of an Iron Age hill fort.

The Romans build a lighthouse here in AD 43 to guide ships into the harbor, the base of the fleet patrolling the Channel, and St. Mary Church, just beside the lighthouse, has been built in the 10th-early 11th Century.

In 1066, William the conqueror built a Norman Castle here, before the coming of King Henry II.

Between 1793 and 1815 barracks are constructed in a complex of tunnels beneath the castle.

During the Second World War, the Napoleonic tunnels have a new role as naval and later combined services headquarters, where the Dunkirk evacuation is masterminded.

In 1963, after 7 years the castle is no longer used for war purposes, Dover Castle is transferred to the Ministry of Works for preservation as an Ancient Monument.

Today Dover Castle is considering the most iconic of all English fortresses commanding the gateway to the realm for nine centuries.

Enjoy your tour of Dover Castle

The castle is really quite large (the largest in the UK) and my visit took me a whole morning; it is rich in history because it was one of the main centers of importance during World War II. Do not miss a visit to the secret tunnel which leads to the main building of the castle.

It has access to the highest tower and you can admire the view from there over the city and the sea… it is very impressive…

Discover the tunnels of Dover Castle

Tunnels were dug into the cliffs, seven in all, parallel to one other below the cliff-top. By 1803 this ingenious underground barracks was opened, housing at its peak some 2000 officers and soldiers.

In 1940, it was a key place because it was where the Dunkirk evacuation – code-named Operation Dynamo – was organised.

Today, if you visit Dover Castle, you are obliged to take a guided tour for fear of taking a wrong turn.

If you have any question, or you need any further information, leave me a message below and I will try to come back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Richard

    Thank you for this fantastic information and beautiful photos, they are absolutely stunning. I would love to take my family there for a visit next year. The view from the tower must be spectacular especially at night.

    I am definitely going to pass this along to some friends.


    1. Travelcooking (Post author)

      That’s lovely! Yeah, the view from the tower is stunning! I’m glad you enjoy the post.

  2. JN

    Wow Wow. This looks super interesting. I was thrilled to go through this guide to go visit this beautifull castle. Never heard of this amazing place. I wisih there were a few more pictures for me to actually immerse myself fully in this guide. I also enjoyed a bit of history regarding this castle. 

    1. Fabio

      Thank you very much for your comment. I will add few more pictures and I hope you will enjoy that!


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