Dream Punta Cana Dominican Republic!

Dream Punta Cana 18-23 January 2018


After so many days of hard work and winter storms, there was a big desire to go out to a nice place and enjoy a time to rest and relax.

I have heard about Punta Cana in Dominican Republic, as a nice place to take vacation and when making the decision of the destination I remember it so it was picked.

However another winter storm didn’t aloud me to travel my first day and make me put a hold on all my plans.

So finally on Friday, instead of Thursday, I was very excited I got to Punta Cana feeling ready to have time for a break.

With no delays I landed on the middle of the day to be picked up at the airport by my airbnb host: Ini.

She is a marvelous person so my conversation was always happy and fun. She brought me to my reservation place located on a reserve area called Cap Cana.

First we stopped to see the beach, the pool and the lobby. These are pictures of the place but they don’t really give the place justice.
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Here are some pictures of the gorgeous apartment where I stay. You can imaging to be in paradise and have the oportunity to stay in a place like this! I know, you are probably feeling envious. I do want to make you an invitation to go to this place that will make you feel recharged…


Amazing and relaxing time in Punta Cana

The next day I enjoyed the sunset from my bed! Unbelievable!! Even at the balcony of the apartment the view of the blue ocean is just perfect to wake up with a sense of calm. The turquoise water is just perfect.

Later that morning, I visited other area of Dominican Republic which is a very famous place called Bavaro beach. I was curious because it is named in tripadvisor as the number one beach to visit. For my surprised, the place is very busy…To be in a secluded area as Cap Cana makes a big difference. Bavaro is fun and full of tourist.

Still, Cap Cana is a reserve area that is really extense, has even a golf course and hotels, restaurants and even shops. However it is pretty calm at the same time.

The biggest difference for me was the beach. From Bavaro where is full of chairs one by another to take the sun, to Cap Cana where I enjoyed the beach almost all to myself. Incredible!After a busy day, taking a stroll on the beach was very enjoyable. Even eating in one of the restaurants to be picked.On Sunday, after enjoying the sunrise it was time for a walk at the beach…After that, we enjoyed a delicious lunch in the balcony. The view is so nice! Even washing dishes is enjoyable.After that, we visit the mall that it is just outside of Cap Cana. The place is very nice and big. You can find even a nice gift shop in it.


On Monday, we drove 50 minutes away towards Bayahibe. This small community of fishermen is visited by many tourist. From here, you can take the tour to the Islands… but we were to late…Instead, we enjoy a nice lunch under the cover of trees and palm trees and on the beach.

The funny thing, I was ready to try some typical food but all the restaurants we visited where international.

This was the closest one with a flavor of Dominican Republic and it was very good. I find out they called habichuelas that is green beans to the normal beans.

So I was expecting to taste them but not on this trip.Going back to Punta Cana we drove by Bavaro again, and then back home! It is really easy to miss to be home in this place.
We enjoyed another delicious dinner made at home and just to rest on the balcony made it perfect.
Tuesday, it was the day to flight back and actually it was easy to feel sad. The memories on this gorgeous place are unforgettable.
So after getting ready and going for lunch I had to go to the airport and say goodbye to Punta Cana. I wish to go back soon!

If you have any question or you need any advise for your trip, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to come back to you!

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