Ferrari California

Ferrari California

Motor: V8

4.3 liter

490 HP

0 to 60 mph / 3.8 sec


It was my birthday … Paris … Champs-Élysées…we were walking quietly and then our eyes went in the same direction, almost simultaneously and our minds had a single thought! After trying a Lamborghini Gallardo in Las Vegas, why not try a Ferrari in Paris?!
We kept walking, we got to the Arc de Triomphe, but we knew very well that we would go back to do this experience. And so it was…


It was the first of May and the roads were not very busy.  I began to feel the ease with which this car lets you drive. The Ferrari has a 7-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel controls, or automatic, toned and precise in curves, seems to drive like a city car … if it were not for power!
We stopped at a traffic light and I saw the chance to accelerate a bit.  So, why not try these 490 horses?

And so we drove under the Eiffel Tower for the usual  photos…

After we stopped, there was time for some quick acceleration and then back to the starting point…

That was a really good experience. It was my first time driving a Ferrari which was incredibly easy to drive, a perfect mix of power and maneuverability, elegance and sportiness.
What a great birthday present!