First week in London

First week in “London”

Feeling so excited to be in a new city and to discover how things work in London, I decided to spent my first days basically as a tourist. I left my house early each morning only to return late at night eager to see all the major attractions, to understand the mechanics of the city and to meet new people. On one of those first days, I came home with sore legs from too much walking. I had decided to start at Liverpool Street station, and go towards the Tower Bridge because I really wanted to see the bridge during the dayTripAdvisor

Tower Bridge

Soon after, I went looking for an English school where I could enroll, because my level of English was not that great and I came up with the bright idea of heading off on foot towards Oxford Street. I felt fresh and wanted to walk around and see the city, but now considering that it is more than 3.1 miles, I should have thought of taking the bus or the tube and made my journey a little easier.
However, once I found my English school, and had seen Oxford Street, I said to myself: “Because I’m here, I should go to Marble Arch and Hyde Park”. Strolling and admiring the beauty of the city, I walked through Park Lane Street and arrived at Hyde Park Corner, the main entrance of the Park. Well, once there, I had to go see Knightsbridge. So I walked over there eager to see as much as possible, and maybe that is why I arrived at Stamford Bridge, driven by my love and support of the Chelsea football club the Blues I found myself in the stadiumTripAdvisor

Stamford Bridge

Standing in front of the store at the stadium, I realized that maybe all my walking had pushed it a little too far from my starting point. Therefore, finding my way back, I took the time to see as much possible.
I found myself in the heart of the Chelsea area, admiring one of the richest districts in London, and then decided to go towards Buckingham Palace, because it would be almost insulting not greet the Queen on a day like this! After admiring the area, I entered Green Park with the intention to get to Piccadilly Circus, the heart of London’s nightlife… TripAdvisor

From there, I started to feel a little tired, so I decided to go back to the Thames, via Charing Cross (where the National Gallery is) and get to Embankment… TripAdvisor

National Gallery

Here, I found myself facing one of the most difficult choices of the day. On the left, I had the road to Tower Bridge (already far enough in itself and knowing that my body began to beg for mercy) and on the right: Westminster, London Eye and Big Ben. How could I not visit them? They were so close! You would have make the same choice if you had the view that I had and the sunny day made everything more enjoyable… TripAdvisor

London eye

Big Ben

So, after this short detour, I decided to go down all the Queen’s walk, that is from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge (to give you an idea, it is a distance of more or less 3,1 miles). I went across the bridge and arrived in front of what I still consider without any doudts the most beautiful attraction in London, Tower of London. It is true that I’m a lover of castles and medieval architecture. So maybe my point of view is biased, but this is one of the most beautiful things to see in London… TripAdvisor

Tower of London

Exhausted, I went back to Liverpool Street station. That evening when I got home, I had pain all over my body, but the desire to see new places had prevailed over everything. I did check the route that I took on Google maps later on, only to discover that I had walked almost 19 miles that day! In that moment that I discovered that traveling and visiting new places would become one of my greatest passions. The next morning, I went out for more!

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