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Ingredients for 12 pancakes

Butter 25g, Flour 125g, Medium Eggs 2, Fresh Whole Milk 200 g, Powdered Dough Yeast 6 g, Sugar 15 g.



We start preparing the pancakes by mixing the butter on a very low fire, so let it cool. Meanwhile, divide the egg whites from yolks. Pour the egg yolks in a bowl and bake with a hand whisk, then combine the melted butter at room temperature and the floury milk, always stirring with the whip. Place the mixture until it is clear. Add the yeast to the flour and sift it all in the bowl with the egg mixture, mix with the whip to mix. Now put the whites that you have kept aside, pouring sugar slowly and when they are white and sparkling, gently incorporate them into the egg mixture, moving from top to bottom to avoid disassembling them. Heat on medium heat (not too high, otherwise you will not give the dough time to rise well during cooking and the pancakes will become too dark) a large non-stick frying pan (best if thoroughly thick) and, if necessary, nourish with little butter from Spread over the surface with the help of kitchen paper. Pour into the center of the pan a prepared skillet, you will not need to spill it. When bubbles appear on the surface and the base will be golden, turn it across the side using a spatula, as if it were a craze or an omelet. After that, gild the other side in turn and the pancake will be ready. Continue with the rest of the dough and manually place the pancakes on a serving dish, stack them over each other. With these doses should be approximately 12 pancakes. Serve warm and sprinkle with maple syrup or as you like, as I did, with jam, fresh fruit and almond flakes or noodles and hazelnuts.

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