Thursday… Gnocchi!

Ingredients for gnocchi:

Purple potatoes 1 kg, flour 300 g, eggs 1, salt to taste

For the groviera sauce:

Double cream 500 ml, groviera cheese 200 g, nutmeg, white pepper, salt to taste

The Gnocchi, are a real passion and one of the most popular Italian dishes! But if you really want to surprise your guests with a taste and an original presentation, try the purple potato gnocchi!


To prepare purple potato gnocchi, take violet patatoes, wash them thoroughly and boil them in boiling salty water about 30-40 minutes (the times will be reduced if you use the pressure cooker). Once cooked, drain and peel them still warm. Pass them through a sieve and drop the pulp into a bowl, where you can also combine the sifted flour, the egg and a pinch of salt. Mix everything with your hands directly in the bowl until you get a homogeneous and compact mixture. With the dough you have formed, you will make small rolls, and cut them in small pieces. then, to obtain the typical aspect press the gnocchi through the grater or with a fork. As you prepare them, place them on a slightly floured tray. Cover them with a clean cloth and keep them in a cool place for at least 15 minutes. Meanwhile, devote yourself to the cream at Groviera; grate the cheese, pour the cream in a pan and let it warm. Before you reach the boiling point, add the grated Groviera. Mix well to make it melt, then adjust salt, pepper and grate the nutmeg to flavor. While the cream is slowing down, cook the gnocchi in a large pan. It will take a few moments and the gnocchi will be ready when they come up. Then, place them in the cream of Groviera! Serve the purple potato gnocchi hot!

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