Jaguar F-Type Convertible

Jaguar F-Type Convertible

Engine: V8

5.0 liter

Power: 550 hp

0-62 mph 3,5 seconds


I had been dreaming about the Jaguar F-Type for a long time, it has always fascinated me a lot, and so I decided to rent it for a couple of days.

We opted for the convertible model as the sunny days forecasted would make it even a more interesting experience, even if I definitely prefer the coupe model, because I think the lines are simply sublime.

All this was possible thanks to Enterprise’s “exotic car collection” at Heathrow airport, where Branch Manager Andrew and Mike made this experience even more enjoyable.

In fact, there was a big surprise waiting for me: “free upgrade” for the 5-liter, V8, 550 horsepower and all-wheel drive model, a real pleasure to drive.

Really exhaustive all the explanations from Mike on the interior of the Jaguar F-Type Convertible, in his words we found all his passion for these kind of cars.

And it’s really easy and intuitive once you get into the driver’s seat; all the controls are well positioned, the steering wheel is nice even if I would have expected something more sporty for this type of car.

So, once I got familiar with the interior, it was time to get behind the wheel. Despite the cloudy day in London, our plan was to go to the south coast of the United Kingdom, where a beautiful sunny day was waiting for us.

And in fact, after exiting the “ring road” and having entered the A23, it was time to get the roof off and start enjoying the sunny day…

Obviously, in addition to the sunny day, there was also to enjoy the performance of this supercar, so leaving the rest area where we had stopped, I immediately tried the acceleration 0-62 mph… It takes just over 3 seconds and third gear to reach 62 miles per hour, and from there just under 1 second to exceed the 70 mph limit of the English “motorways”.

The noises of the V8 is like music as can also be heard from the video, the power and thrust is really great and the all-wheel drive gives great handle and stability.

Not to mention the driving pleasure, it was almost a pain to get off to take this picture (around Hayling Island, after passing through Brighton, Shoreham by the Sea, Worthing, Bognor Regis, Selsey and Chichester)…

So in the afternoon, returning to London, we stopped at Arundel Castle for another suggestive shot…

But in the next video you will see the enormous difficulty you have with this supercar to stay within the speed limits of 70mph…

As you have seen, speeding up to 100 mph without even realizing it is pretty easy; and that’s exactly how we found ourselves in the areas of Richmond around sunset. So we decided to make one last stop for sunset…

The following day, due to unfavorable weather conditions almost everywhere, we went to the Eastbourne area, where the sun dominated practically all day.

Going around we discovered the Beachy Head Lighthouse almost by chance, a really nice, quiet and suggestive place, especially for the presence of the cliffs…

I was fascinated by the curves of those roads, and looking carefully on Google Map, I noticed the presence of a circuit of just over 7 miles…

So I started to study the road carefully, that is also very narrow and therefore becomes quite dangerous if you meet other cars…

During the second lap I had memorized the layout of the road a bit better, but anyway due to the fairly busy and narrow road I didn’t feel to push too much…

Despite all, the fun with the Jaguar F-Type is guaranteed, especially with the 5-liter version which makes it truly a supercar comparable to the most famous rivals.

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