Manchester 6-7 March 2015

Staff discount 2.0!

I had two days off and I decided to take advantage of the employee discount in one of the hotels of my company. This time the choice felt on Manchester. However, I’m not sorry to say that to compare it with London is inevitable, because of the many similarities, but Manchester couldn’t measure up. Therefore, we simply say that London is London, Manchester is Manchester, and not a copy of London. It has its monuments, its neighborhoods, and although it has places like those in London, they have nothing to do with their namesakes. They are simply considered for what they are; some examples include the Manchester national gallery, (that has nothing to do with the national gallery in London), and the Piccadilly Central Manchester (that has nothing to do with Piccadilly Circus in London). So try to enjoy this city for what it is…. Manchester!

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