Palma de Mallorca 21-22-23 September 2015

The dream of Palma!

My last stop in Spain was Palma de Mallorca where we booked a fantastic four-star hotel with a swimming pool on the terrace. We had sea views, a heated pool with Jacuzzi, and many other amenities. We preferred to spend our time relaxing rather than sightseeing because of the many days without rest we had in Barcelona and Valencia. And besides, this was the spectacle that we found ourselves when we walked into our room.

And this the view just before sunrise on the second day…

So, we had limited ourselves to only have a walk around the center of town and to spend the evening in some nice restaurants and pubs. Then on the last day, I could leave without visiting Bellver Castle… it was worth it after two days of total relaxation and idleness!

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