Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas!

Las vegas!

Coming from the desert long after sunset, we found ourselves in front of a light show and that contrasted greatly with the complete desolation in which we were in a few miles before. Las Vegas is basically an excess of all and we were ready for our first crazy night!

The second day we were a excited to see this city with sunlight…

Something absolutely to do in Las Vegas is to try lunch or dinner buffet; we decided to try the buffet at the Bellagio for lunch…

But for sure, in the city of sins, you will give a whim. When will you experience it again?!!! Here is mine…

Driving a Lamborghini Gallardo in the streets of Las Vegas, even if only for half an hour… surely cost you much, but it will be one of the most adrenaline  filled half hours of your life, so if you are lover of the four wheels do it! You are in the right place!!!
And then we were ready to face our last crazy night in Las Vegas…

And remember, what happens in Vegas… stays in Vegas!


  1. Hilario Stepleton

    Great post Thanks for sharing.

    1. Travelcooking (Post author)

      Thanks, but the website is still “work in progress”… I’m surprise that someone can reach it!


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