What an incredible weekend!

Another guest post… Thanks again to Ingrid!


My plans for the weekend were simple. I wanted to relax! I have been working lately so much, I didn’t thought about doing nothing special.

However, a friend of mine came Saturday morning to show me his new buy. A 1990 Mazda Miata manual convertible in perfect condition and he said, “why don’t we take it for a ride?”

Because I had the weekend off from work I said yes and decided to go north from Georgia State, in the USA. The weather has being very nice, which is not typical from August, so with the top down and not really a plan, we took off.

I was the first one driving. What a experience! It felt like you are going faster that what really is, but my love for manual transmission made me enjoyed the short gears! And out we went!

Our first stop was a vineyard on the way, with a beatiful landscape…

After that, we visited Bell Mountain in Hiawassee, GA with the views of the Lake Chatuge and the surrounding wilderness. This place offers such a gorgeous views! It reminded me of Switzerland with all the beauty that country offers…

The nice thing about these places is that you get to meet people from all over the place. And so I did! Even some of them where faraway from home. One very nice couple was from West Virginia state and I remembered that highway. Lovely to drive! The speed limit is a little higher that in other places and the state is beautiful with all the mountains, so this highway has some curves, and I love that!

So I proposed, let’s go to West Virginia!

We found ourselves crossing on the state line of Virginia making quick stop and continue our journey...

And there came West Virginia! What a gorgeous landscape. It was getting dark, so we decided to stop, take a nice walk and rest in an hotel that happened to have great amenities. After resting for a while, I was up early tempted to see the open sky full of stars and there came the question, why not to go to Washington DC? What a crazy proposition! But off we went.

The capital of United States! What else can I say! Off course we didn’t do a full visit, but the arquitecture is just marvelous…

We were there at 7:00 am just getting to revisit a place I have not being in a while. The final stop was Lincoln Memorial, probably my favorite.

The first time I was here was a Fourth of July and it was very crowded. What a celebration! Today, in the beginning of August was a normal crowd that it made easy to enjoy all the history contained.

Finally, that we headed back to Richmond, Virginia. We ate lunch and prepare for a long drive back home. We had in front of us eight hours of driving south! Perfect weather, the top down. The car handled very well and even though we covered over 1900 kilometers (1200 miles) on this weekend, it didn’t felt tiring. The truth the love for traveling and exploring makes every trip enjoyable!

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